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Martin Christian
I'm a Software Developer with experience in different areas of IT since 1998.
Technical Knowledge
  • Linux system administration and development (GNU-Tools, Bash, C, C++)
  • Microkernel development (C, C++, Assembler)
  • Embedded Systems (x86, PowerPC, ARM)
  • J(2)EE and Webservices (Java, CSS)
  • Android applications (Java, CSS)
  • Data Mining and BI (MS SQL, SAS, R)
  • Web development (GWT, PHP, Python, HTML, CSS)
Domain knowledge
My tutorials
  • I have close connections to Prague and the Czech Republic. So check out My Prague website with a 15 puzzle and city guides.
  • I've collected some documents I wrote as a Student of Computer Science, Sociology and German Literature.
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